Build an individual relationship with each customer by sending a small amount from each transaction to their favourite causes. The Unity Project is a next-generation loyalty program that helps businesses support their customers’ favourite charities.

Unity helps businesses build individual relationships with their clients, gives customers a simple way to support charities that are meaningful to them, and provides charities with a new revenue stream so they can continue to change the world.

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The Opportunity

35% of the population live their lives supporting a cause. Unity provides the connection between these customers, their causes and your business.

The most effective loyalty programs are simple and offer true value to customers.

Unity offers an immediate benefit that transcends point collecting – it’s personal, meaningful, and gives you an opportunity to promote your corporate values.

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How It Works

• Select the overall percentage of purchases that your business would like to donate.
• Using the Unity App, customers will identify the causes that mean the most to them.
• Every month, Unity distributes your percentage to the charities that your customers support.
• Customers share their donation on social media, promoting your business to their networks – at no cost to you.

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Loyalty Made Easy

Loyalty doesn’t need to be complicated. Unity handles everything for you, including the billing, auditing and disbursement of funds. We even handle the tax receipts!

Unity is the easiest way to retain customers and make a social impact – all while differentiating your business.

Unity is a next-generation loyalty program that lets your customers direct a percentage of their purchases (that you choose) to a charity of their choice. The personalized nature of our enterprise-grade solution promotes lasting customer relationships. Offering Unity is the easiest way to increase customer loyalty while decreasing churn – resulting in profits for you.


The Unity Project makes it easy for members, businesses and charities to change the world.

Customers sign up for their free Unity Project membership and select the charities they would like to support.

Members shop at businesses who are part of the Unity network. After they make a purchase, they use the Unity app to take a picture of their receipt.

Participating businesses contribute a pre-arranged percentage of the Member’s sale to Unity.

Unity amalgamates the micro donations and distributes them to the Member’s charities.

Members can share their donations on social media, giving exposure for the charity while encouraging friends and family to do the same.

Unity handles everything behind the scenes, including billing, auditing, disbursement of funds, and tax receipts.
The Unity Project App

Choosing Your Charities

Members can choose to support any charity that is registered with the Government under the Income Tax Act, and is able to provide tax receipts. There are over 82,000 of them, so you should have no trouble finding something that’s right for you.

Raising Money

It’s easy to raise money for your favourite charities. Simply shop at a participating Unity Project Business, then use the Unity app to take a picture of your receipt, and Unity handles the rest! Unity will ensure a percentage of your purchase will be forwarded to your selected charities.

Spreading the Word

When a donation has been made to their charity, Members can easily share their experiences on social media. This gives exposure for the charity and the supporting business, while encouraging friends and family to also support the cause.

How Unity Helps

The Unity Project makes it easy for businesses to participate by handling everything behind the scenes, like manually reconciling transactions, billing, auditing, tax receipts, and more. Unity also offer custom back-end integration options for more technically advanced businesses. This allows money to flow seamlessly to the members’ charities at a low cost.

Suggesting New Businesses

The Unity Project wants to connect its Members with as many participating businesses as possible. This way, members can support their favourite charities everywhere they normally spend their money. If you know a business that would be a good fit, please let us know. The more everyone participates, the more good we can do.


What People Had to Say About Our Vision

“Unity’s stakeholder approach represents an opportunity for a win-win-win. As a charity stakeholder, we look forward to partnering and seeing Unity grow into a movement our donors will want to support, as well as attract new donors who want to give back.” – The QEII Foundation 


“I believe that this is an opportunity for businesses, and those committed to supporting us, who are ecologically and socially conscious to join together and have a much greater impact in their communities and around the world.” – P’Lovers


“Students hold a higher social conscience than ever before and the concept that Unity provides allows students to be more active in giving back to their community. I really think this is a great opportunity to build stronger  relationships between the business world and our campuses and I’m excited to see the idea grow with our student body” – Kelly Keddy, VP Student Life of Dalhousie Student Union, Dalhousie University

“The Unity Project provides a way for people who believe in their community to direct their spending to both the businesses and the causes they care about in a single transaction. It creates an opportunity for business and non-profit to work together to strengthen communities.” – Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia


“When Stephen shared with me his vision for the Unity Project I immediately recognized that in the elegance of this social enterprise is the opportunity to make big and meaningful changes using small, incremental steps. Not only can this project be scaled quickly and adapted for different international markets but I am confident that it will resonate with individuals, like our alumni, who want to make an impact on the world which reflects their own values and purpose.” – Patricia Bradshaw, Dean of the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University.


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