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We want to help you change the world...

The Unity Project has created a platform that allows businesses to donate a small part of your purchase to the causes you care about the most.

This lets you direct the charitable giving of the businesses you support. It lets those businesses support you and the things you care about.

The platform is almost ready, there is no cost to you signing up today to show your support and we will bring business partners to your area.

If you would like The Unity Project to come to your community, sign up today!


Recent noteworthy events

“Unity’s stakeholder approach represents an opportunity for a win-win-win. As a charity stakeholder, we look forward to partnering and seeing Unity grow into a movement our donors will want to support, as well as attract new donors who want to give back.” – The QEII Foundation 


“I believe that this is an opportunity for businesses, and those committed to supporting us, who are ecologically and socially conscious to join together and have a much greater impact in their communities and around the world.” – P’Lovers


“Students hold a higher social conscience than ever before and the concept that Unity provides allows students to be more active in giving back to their community. I really think this is a great opportunity to build stronger  relationships between the business world and our campuses and I’m excited to see the idea grow with our student body” – Kelly Keddy, VP Student Life of Dalhousie Student Union, Dalhousie University

“The Unity Project provides a way for people who believe in their community to direct their spending to both the businesses and the causes they care about in a single transaction. It creates an opportunity for business and non-profit to work together to strengthen communities.” – Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia


“When Stephen shared with me his vision for the Unity Project I immediately recognized that in the elegance of this social enterprise is the opportunity to make big and meaningful changes using small, incremental steps. Not only can this project be scaled quickly and adapted for different international markets but I am confident that it will resonate with individuals, like our alumni, who want to make an impact on the world which reflects their own values and purpose.” – Patricia Bradshaw, Dean of the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University.


The Unity Project provides a huge potential return for investors, even greater than that is the money sent to charities of our members based completely on their values.

Many angel investors and partners have helped The Unity Project get to where it is today, including partners like the Pond Deshpande Centre operating out of Fredericton New Brunswick.

Financial Plan

The reason The Unity Project has such a high potential for scale is, like Uber and Air BNB, it leverages excess capacity. This unrealized social and economic return based on people’s passion and changing social paradigms (New Power: Harvard Business Review) as well as the fact the businesses either have to or are spending money today with no quantifiable return on investment.

The Unity project financials are function of the following:

  • Number of members
  • Transaction size- a function of the types of retailers we partner with.
  • Frequency of shop- a function of the quality and density of the retail mix

If you are interested in becoming a Unity investor please send us an email for our detailed investment package.

We would like The Unity Project to be owned by the people and charities it supports for information on how you or your organization can become owners and help The Unity Project spread across the world please use the contact us portion of the website.


Full Transparency

  • Open communication and trust
  • A global human rights statement
  • Business Strategy
  • Retail and charity partners
  • Ethical positions

A Movement Based Organization

  • Behavioural and active change
  • Striving to make the world a better place


Easy and seamless to contribute to what people care about most; consumers are never more than one click away from the ability to donate.

 Value – Stakeholder Centric

  • Who are our stakeholders internally and externally
  • Cost leadership i.e. integration, automation, ease, etc.
  • Flexibility


  • Integrity
  • Security
  • Data management
  • HR policy


Our Contact Information

The Unity Project is about you, so if you have business or charity suggestions or if you would like to partner with us in someway please send us an email.

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